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Use our app and benefit from many advantages for your company.

Welcome to Cryptoworld

We are a StartUp company dealing with Bitcoin and ETH. For this we use an APP, which uses crypto currency as payment.

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Crypto currency is a future-oriented means of payment. Put your company on the BITCOIN and ETH on the future means of payment.

The app is easy to use. A distinction is made between Bitcoin and ETH. The customer pays, and as a company you have no risk – your money arrives on your account on time and on a monthly basis.

Cost: € 29.90 / month (processing fee)

Register now on our website and save – you will receive the app for 6 months at a preferential price of € 19.90 instead of € 29.90

Pay with our tokens and earn points. Your loyalty will be rewarded with percentages.

Our service

Tablet against bail

  • We offer tablets where the app is preinstalled - easy and safe! For a deposit you get the device, after 6 months expires the deposit.
bitcoin, Zahlungsmittel


per month

  • 19.90 € the first 6 months
  • then only 29,90€
  • Automatic deduction of your balance
  • A half year

Become Investor

  • Automatic deduction of your balance
  • Uncompicated and Simple


Easy to use
Fast transactions
2 types of payment (Bitcoin, Ethereum)
User friendly


Every month, you get your balance, which is on the app, transferred to your account. The monthly processing fee of € 29.90 will be deducted automatically.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an open source. The design public. Bitcoin belongs to nobody and is not controlled by anyone.


Use the app to pay for goods and services. Move between dollar - euro - cryptocurrency.

Our Roadmap


Start December 2019 – testing phase


2019 Q2 find 100 partner


2020 Q2 Beta Version


2020 Q4 start of the ICO of Cryptoworld


2020 Q2 Continue to expand from Easypay